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The steps of history are always moving forward. The development and achievements of AIVIS  is due to the efforts and support of many people . However, compared with the international world class enterprise, we also exist certain gap.

Today,in the new economic era , China is moving toward the trend of globalization change, so we face competition with global logistics equipment manufacturing industry ,with the rapid development of market economy, we entered a customer oriented era. In this time,we must put the interests of its clients in the first place!

Globalization bring us both challenges and opportunities, face the competition in the future, we will deal with international competitive law and business standards, the only real excellent enterprise will be the winner in the competition . So we can't satisfied with yesterday's achievements. We continue to repeat and magnify the success factors .At the same time,we still need to change the management concept and behavior habits that not adapt to the market trend .

Further motivate the team's passion and vigor of the organization, and give full play to our innovation ability, and constantly transcend myself and create a prosperous development of the power source, promote the whole competition ability of AIVIS.

AIVIS knows that A enterprise's development is inseparable from the active participation  and cooperation of team. I eagerly expect every staff can fully exert their ability and talent with full of positive work enthusiasm. And let's make contribution to a better future for AIVIS and the Chinese logistics industry together!

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